Quitting that Stagnant Feeling

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How Not Having a Direction Helps Super-Motivated People

Would you classify yourself as a “super-motivated” person? I define the type as having goals and ambitions and working towards them daily, without too much active focusing on your part. Really, this type of person is rare & must be protected at all costs.

Super-Motivated people can be identified by two traits:

  1. They are always down to work, punctuated by rest periods. The rest part is important because SM humans strive for that elusive work-life balance and are only confident in their work when they understand they’re not killing themselves for results.
  2. Their lofty goals can take a backseat to the present moment. The Super-Motivated are “Super” because they never forget that their lives are finite. Looking everywhere but the present moment is the fastest way to diminish your dreams — SM Humans thrive on dream energy to turn them into reality.

Why do those traits make some Super-Motivated? Why do I even want that?

Great questions! For many reasons, our society rewards output and shuns input. We are consumers more than we are producers — to serve institutions larger than the existence of the individual (in most cases).

A Super-Motivated Human is someone who can prioritize the right systems and habits that allow them to do their best work and show up for their communities through that work. Their work is fulfilling and self-sustaining, and brings to them a sort of pleasure that cannot be found outside of a spiritual practice.

The Rat Race

Ah, yes. The slogan of FIRE advocates everywhere.

Do you know what “escape the rate race” means? I had to look it up and according to Wikipedia, the rat race is defined as “an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit.” It essentially creates a mental environment that promotes the idea that there is something we do on the daily that is endless, pointless. It holds onto the idea that we are pointless, by enforcing that there are things in our lives that are pointless.

Super-Motivated humans learn by doing — so everything that is done has a purpose. This specifically negates the idea of the rat race because how do you know when something is pointless? What a godlike power!

The Rat Race is code for stagnancy. Feel like you’re running in place? Doing “all this work for not that much”? That’s Stagnancy talking. Leave the Rat Race mentality for others less motivated than you.

Step One to Leaving Stagnant Energy Behind:

Seriously, make it your first priority to learn how to live your life the way only you can.

Design your dream life, then learn how to make those seedlings a garden. Tend to it little by little, every day, until all you know is the pleasure of learning. It’s existential and will charge your motivation battery.

Step Two:

Not “how to start a blog” share — I mean, make something tangible to house what you’ve learned. Even if it’s just for yourself — especially if it’s just for yourself! The things you share with others are reflections of you out in the world.

Make something so that it serves you. Share it with others so your something serves them too.

Step Three:

That rest break. That shit is key.

Rest is the best way to live in the moment (according to yours truly) and is quite literally the only way I can come up with new ideas.

I don’t sit at my desk with a pen and paper cranking words out.

I’m not out there networking and building platforms on social media.

I’m doing quiet, honest work on the daily to improve myself. What I make houses what is substantially ME — if you’re not building who you are, how do you start to share that with others?

Final Thoughts

I’m a supporter of you living how you want to. I’m a supporter of you learning what you want to. But I only take this stance because I always offer a warning first:

There will come a time for you to shine. Don’t think that waiting for that moment will instantly turn your life around — it won’t — not without the right foundations.

Super-Motivated Humans are already building those habits. You know who you are.

Thank you for reading!



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